Student Debt Tool Employee Engagement Toolkit

The Student Debt Tool gives employees a complete picture of their student loan data all in one place.

You can help your employees improve their financial wellness and reduce stress by simply downloading the materials below to inform your employees about the benefits of the Student Debt Tool and encouraging its use. Once your employees enter their loan information, they can model the data to see how extra payments or refinancing could lower the overall cost of the loan. By driving usage of the tool, you will be able to get a better picture of how student debt is impacting your organization through our comprehensive reporting. More importantly, your employees will be able to take the first step in tackling student debt.

Digital Signage/Posters
CREATE AWARENESS - Use this PDF to promote the Student Debt Tool to employees digitally, or print the file for use in employee environments where you want to announce and encourage utilization of the tool.

Blog Post/Newsletter
REINFORCE THE MESSAGE - Share information about the Student Debt Tool with your employees via your internal blog or newsletter.

Debt Tool Video
Demonstrate - Educate your employees on the benefits of the Debt Tool via video message. Also included as part of the templated Employee Emails.

User Guide
Show - Step-by-step visual instructions on how to use the Student Debt Tool.

Employee Email
DRIVE USAGE - Send your employees one of the two emails below about the Student Debt Tool along with a direct link to the site to encourage its use.

Student Debt Tool

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