2 valuable benefits during the coronavirus outbreak

Help employees get the most out of remote work and telemedicine options.


The spread of the coronavirus is starting to impact workplaces around the country.

You likely already offer two benefits that may come in very handy now: the ability to work remotely, and a telemedicine option.

We have prepared articles on both these topics that may be helpful for employees:

  • Tips for working remotely: Many employees may find themselves working remotely for the first time. This article offers tips for effective work, maintaining social connection, and personal health.
  • When to try telemedicine: Our research found that 4 in 10 employees didn’t know whether their employer offered a telemedicine option, and among those who did have that option, only half had used it.1 If you offer telemedicine, this may be a good time to remind employees it’s available — and when they might want to try it.

Feel free to share both these articles with employees.


1 Fidelity Investments Employee Value of Benefits Research online survey of 9,465 active Fidelity 401(k) and 403(b) participants from across the United States. The survey was conducted by Health Solutions Thought Leadership in October 2019.

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