CARES Act Repayment Campaign

Helping employees understand the benefit of repaying their 2020 CARES Act distribution

What is the objective?

This one-time email will educate participants on the unique opportunity to put that money back into your retirement account as part of the CARES Act. The goal is to educate customers and help them understand that it could help get them on track for their retirement savings.

Who is eligible?

The December email will be sent to those participants who took a CARES Act Withdrawal in 2020

  • Active employees with a balance greater than O
  • 401(k), 401(a), 457(b) governmental, 403(b)
  • Strategic, Select, Large, TEM, Mid, Emerging, Advisor
  • Education, PA, IPA

What messages are available?

This email utilizes messaging that identifies that it is a good time to reach out to participants

What is the call to action?

The campaign has two calls to action; the first is to download the recontribution form to complete as a customer looks to return funds to their retirement savings account. The second is to provide the Benefits Service Center phone number in case of any questions arise when completing the form.


For plan sponsor and investment professional use only.

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