Equity Awards Planning Toolkit

Use this toolkit to promote complimentary planning sessions to help employees plan with their equity awards.

Employee Engagement: Equity Awards Planning Toolkit

Fidelity is committed to helping your employees on their journey toward financial wellness— from answering questions on tax-sensitive* investing to offering legacy and wealth planning support to your equity award participants.

Fidelity advisors are available for complimentary one-on-one planning sessions* to help your equity awards participants who have complex financial needs, such as:

• Legacy and wealth planning             • Tax-sensitive* investing             • Risk mitigation

The below toolkit items contain links to an online appointment tool that allows your U.S.-based employees to schedule a Fidelity planning session. Simply download what you need.

Social media posts (Word doc)
Share information about the availability of equity awards planning sessions with qualified employees on your social media channels that allow you to target specific employees.

Digital signage (PPT or PDF)
Edit and use as PowerPoint slides or PDF file to promote a planning session to employees via digital signage within employee environments where you want to announce and encourage engagement.

Flyer (PDF)
Formatted for easy printing. Two different sizes are available: an 11” x 17” poster and an 8.5” x 11” flyer.

Email (OFT)
Use this email to promote a free one-on-one planning session to employees.

We understand that many employees are focused on financial basics or trying to navigate life events. Fidelity is ready to help with resources designed to support their unique financial goals—for today and into the future.

Our financial wellness offering has educational resources and tools to help your employees with financial fundamentals, including:
• Budgeting
• Managing Debt
• Growing savings
• Financial protection
Find promotional materials here, or contact your Fidelity representative for more info.

Fidelity’s Life Events content offers employees support for major events, including:
• Buying a home
• Having a child/adopting
• Marriage and partnership
• Caring for an aging loved one
Find promotional materials here.

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