Fidelity HSA® Holding Account Alert


Campaign details

What are the goals of this campaign?

When we receive funds on behalf of a participant’s HSA but their account is not ready to receive funds either because they have not initiated the account opening (“Unopened”) or their profile is not in good order (“NIGO”), the money goes into a holding account. After 90 days, if the participant has not taken action and the account is still not ready to receive funds, the money will be returned to sender. This new email-only campaign alerts participants that they need to take action within a window of time to avoid their money being returned.

Note this campaign is available in English-only and bilingual in both English and Spanish. This option is available at the employer-level, so all your employees will receive the same message.

When will these communications be sent?

Emails are sent daily and begin once we receive funds in a holding account for an HSA participant. There are 3 touches that are sent every 30 days until the employee has taken necessary action to open their account. Once the account has been opened, the email stream will stop.

Who should receive these emails?

Employees who have money in a holding account and need to take action to open their HSA will receive this campaign.

Message samples

What is the call to action?

  • Unopened: Log in to NetBenefits® and select Open to receive your funds.
  • NIGO: Call to speak with a Fidelity HSA service specialist and review next steps.

For plan sponsor use only.

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