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Find educational opportunities and tools to support the unique needs of your LGBTQ+ employees and promote financial wellness throughout Pride Month and all year long.

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We created this guide to highlight the financial priorities for the LGBTQ+ community and provide you with resources and tools to help you support your employees.

The financial journey for LGBTQ+ Americans may include several unique financial events throughout multiple life stages, often causing short-term financial needs to take precedence over longer-term goals. And, importantly, these financial planning considerations apply not only to those who identify as LGBTQ+ but to parents or loved ones who are supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. They include:

Cost of living
LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to reside in major cities or coastal areas where there is greater access to inclusive services and greater community acceptance.1 Elder LGBTQ+ individuals or couples may pay a premium to find inclusive long-term care.2

Health care
In addition to long-term-care planning, LGBTQ+ individuals may also face significant near-term health care costs, such as gender-affirming care or family planning by way of surrogacy, adoption, or fertility treatments. LGBTQ+ adults are twice as likely as heterosexual adults, and transgender individuals are nearly four times as likely as cisgender individuals, to experience a mental health condition.3

Charitable giving
LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely than non-LGBTQ+ individuals to report financially supporting their community as a priority.4

What this means for employers
Employers are well-positioned to help LGBTQ+ employees ease some of these short-term financial burdens by ensuring an inclusive and well-communicated package of benefits. By considering benefits that address these more immediate financial needs, such as health care and debt management, the LGBTQ+ community is able to focus more energy on saving and preparing for long-term needs.

Employers also have an opportunity to help close the confidence and knowledge gap through resources and education that address the financial priorities of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month 2024 Toolkit

This Pride Month, we’re highlighting Fidelity’s Out & Proud podcast, which celebrates authenticity and intersectionality. Tune in for a special episode focused on the financial priorities and retirement considerations of the LGBTQ+ community.

Download and use the following materials to drive awareness and engagement with your workforce throughout Pride Month.

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Helpful Resources

Community Insight Modules (CIM)
Leverage insight-driven modules featuring suggested next steps to help your employees build financial wellness.

Thought Leadership
Use key insights from our research to align your benefits with the needs of your diverse workforce by:

How to support LGBTQ+ employees through inclusive benefits

Helping employees save for emergencies

Fidelity Workplace Consulting

Fidelity can also work with employers to advance their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts via Fidelity Workplace Consulting.*

Belonging Blueprint —Creating an employee experience that fosters belonging isn’t just a nice thing to do. It drives more progressive workspaces, builds employee resilience and engagement, and inspires better business performance.

Benefits Equity —We show you how to align benefits programs with employee values and your DE&I strategy.

* Please note this option is available as a fee-for-service with Fidelity’s Workplace Consulting team.

LGBTQ+ Wealth Zone

Help your employees build a future that’s true and authentic.
Find tips, tools, and resources that can help your employees save more, plan better, and create a financial legacy.

Fidelity retail products and services are offered beyond those of your employer-sponsored retirement plan.


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Investing involves risk, including risk of loss.
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