NetBenefits® Mobile App employee engagement toolkit

The mobile app provides your employees with easy access to their Fidelity workplace accounts - anytime, anywhere.

This powerful tool connects your employees to their workplace accounts and benefits, provides alerts and messages about timely actions to take within their accounts, and delivers resources and support to help them reach their goals. Simply download and use each item to inform your employees about the benefits of the NetBenefits® Mobile App.

NetBenefits Mobile App Site
Gives employees a place to download the NetBenefits® Mobile App and watch a quick video on how it works.

NetBenefits® Mobile Features
Updates and enhancements made to the NetBenefits® mobile app

Employee Flyer (Spanish version)
Highlights how the NetBenefits® Mobile App can help employees view their accounts, make changes, and learn.

Employee Email (Spanish version)
Provides information about the NetBenefits® Mobile App and how it could help employees meet their goals.

Employee Video
Shows how to access accounts, make changes, and find important information through the NetBenefits® Mobile App.

Digital Signage/Posters (Spanish version)
Promotes the NetBenefits® Mobile App and encourages app utilization.

Announces the NetBenefits® Mobile App to your Spanish-speaking employees

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