Voluntary Benefits Communications Toolkit

Communications to build awareness of Voluntary Benefits programs with your employees

Many employees are unaware that their employer offers a comprehensive range of voluntary benefits that they can take advantage of year-round, to protect themselves against unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. These toolkits include simple, engaging communications to help create awareness and drive consideration of these great benefits.

Outlined below are the digital campaign tool kits that you can leverage to communicate with your employees throughout the year. They are organized around three messaging opportunities:


In Advance of Launch


An awareness building toolkit to notify employees about great new voluntary benefits that will be available soon.

Additional Benefits are Coming:

•   Email (OFT format)
•   Intranet Banners
•   Newsletter / Intranet messaging
•   NetBenefits Engagers
•   Digital Signs


At Launch


An awareness / consideration building toolkit to notify employees about great new voluntary benefits that are launching.

Additional Benefits are Here:

•   Email (OFT format)
•   Intranet Banners
•   Modular Launch Articles, Newsletter/Blog Posts
•   NetBenefits Engagers
•   Digital Signs


Year-Round (Evergreen)


An awareness / consideration building toolkit that can be used at various points in the year to remind or re-engage participants about the voluntary benefits available.

Take advantage of great benefits:

•   Intranet Banners
•   Digital Signs
•   Seasonal communications

Additionally, we offer content that can be included in your Annual Enrollment Guide(s), as well as an email that can be sent to New Hires letting them know about the voluntary benefits available to them.

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