America Saves Week

Help employees save more during America Saves Week.

Campaign details

What is the objective of this campaign?

To encourage employees to take a closer look at how they are saving in order to set themselves up for success in the year to come. The campaign will leverage a needs-based approach and deliver an actionable savings message.

When will these communications be sent?

This single-touch email-only campaign begins the week of February 3 and lasts for approximately two weeks.

Who will receive this campaign?

  • *Active employees aged 18 or older with a balance greater than $0

*Excludes stressed and distressed loan takers

What messages are included?

Employees will receive a personalized message best suited for their savings needs, based on the hierarchy below. Starting at the top, participants are assessed for fit based on their situation and plan design, and move down the hierarchy until they meet the eligibility criteria for that message.

  • Employees contributing under the match
    • Encourages employees to increase their contributions to take full advantage of their employer match
  • Employees contributing less than the recommended 15% 
    • Encourages employees to increase their contributions to feel more confident about their plans for the future
    • 15% includes employee + employer contributions
  • Employees contributing 15% or more
    • Congratulates employees for savings at a great rate while offering help to create a savings strategy that adapts over time to meet their unique needs 
    • 15% includes employee + employer contributions
  • Generic default
    • Employees eligible for the campaign but who don’t quality for one of the messages shown above will receive a default message encouraging them to review their current savings progress. 

What is the call to action?

  • Primary: Call 800-247-6256 to review savings progress with a licensed financial representative. 
  • Secondary: Increase contributions online. 
  • Call-out box: Invites employees to register for and attend an online workshop offered during America Saves Week. 
    • Note: The call-out box will appear only for clients that offer Web workshops.


For plan sponsor and investment professional use only.

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