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Women have many competing priorities, like paying down debt and building emergency savings,1 and that can vary across ethnic groups. But women are often more savvy at saving and investing their money than they give themselves credit for, as we see in Fidelity’s 2021 Women and Investing Study.

Over the last decade, the number of women in the workforce has increased tremendously, leading to greater access to employer sponsored savings vehicles. And even with women contributing to their workplace savings plan at a record high,2 in Fidelity’s 2021 Women and Investing study only 1/3 of women consider themselves “investors.”3 Help your employees build confidence as investors by sharing this infographic on making the most of employer-sponsored programs.

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At Fidelity, we think broadly about how to support and promote diverse perspectives at our firm, across the financial services industry, and beyond. We’re committed to listening and exploring within this space, and to sharing the best practices we’ve learned along the way.

1 Fidelity’s Inclusive Financial Wellness Research online survey of 4,615 employees with access to a 401(k) or 403(b). The survey was conducted by CMI Research on behalf of Fidelity, Sept 2020.

2 Based on Fidelity analysis of 23,600 corporate DC plans (including advisor-sold DC) and 19.8 million participants as of 6/30/2021.

3 Fidelity Investments 2021 Women and Investing Study is an online survey among 1,177 women aged 21+ with personal income of at least $50,000 who are actively participating in an employer or self-employed retirement plan. The survey was fielded in July 2021 by CMI Research, an independent research firm not affiliated with Fidelity Investments. The results of the survey may not be representative of all adults meeting the same criteria as those surveyed for this study.

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