Pride Month Toolkit


As a best practice, employers should regularly take time to evaluate their benefits and ensure it meets the needs of their current workforce

With new waves of talent ready to enter the job-market, employers must take stock of the unique needs of the incoming generation, many of whom identify as LGBTQ+pride_stats

Throughout Pride month, Fidelity will be providing resources, tools and insights to help equip LGBTQ+ individuals and their families to prepare for the unique costs and experiences related to healthcare, and for employers to use when evaluating how their current benefits are supporting their LGBTQ+ employees.

Download and use the following resources to drive awareness and engagement with your workforce throughout Pride month

Pride Employer Webinar Replay Email

Pride Employee Webinar Replay Email (OFT)

Pride Employee Webinar Replay Email (Word)

Retirement for the LGBTQ+ community

Newsletter Messaging Option

Digital Infographic

Digital Screensaver

1EBRI 2022 Retirement Confidence Survey

2Gallup, “LGBT Identification in U.S. Ticks Up to 7.1%”

For Plan Sponsor Use

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