Fiduciary Learning Center

Learn the basics and how to put them into practice with this comprehensive guide.

Being a fiduciary for your retirement savings plan means you’re faced with complex rules about the decisions you need to make to support your retirement savings plan.

Those rules can cause confusion for even the most highly trained industry professionals, but they are critical because they involve protecting your organization from risk and liability.

Fortunately, you have help. The information and guides here will give you a look at your role, your responsibilities, and how Fidelity can help. Get started by clicking on the links below.

Learning the basics 

Three-part series that shows you the fiduciary rules, and strategies to limit your liability and cover your protection plan. Requires approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Fiduciary best practices 

Three articles to help you put your learning into practice by assessing your risk, establishing a fiduciary committee, and building an investment policy statement. Requires approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Looking for the fiduciary calendar?

As a plan fiduciary, you have a lot to keep track of. This simple calendar puts many of the common tasks and deadlines at-a-glance for quick, easy reference. Access now