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Access Financial Wellness Life Events resources to engage employees on moments that matter

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that life happens-sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected.

Now more than ever, employees are navigating challenging events in their lives. The past year has been hard on all aspects of well-being-money, health, work, and life.

Yet, even in these challenging times, daily life goes on. Your employees are still having babies, considering a new home, getting divorced, or caring for an aging loved one.

We’ve created resources that cover major events in your employee’s lives -- to help them think through next steps, make decisions, and move ahead with confidence.

Take as an example, caring for an aging loved one, which affects roughly millions of people annually. People don’t know how to get started. Our resources:

Download and use the following material to help drive awareness and engagement on our life events resources and the help available to your employees.

Life Events Program

Illness and Injury

Aging Well

Getting, Changing or Losing a Job

Buying a Home

Marriage and Partnering

Caring for an Aging Loved One

Navigating the College Journey

Child and Adopting

Navigating a Divorce


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