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The C&E enhancements are focused on providing an engaging employee experience with tailored support that encourages better decisions. We’ve created an integrated messaging system that combines both “Responsive” messages (triggers) - personalized by an employee's behavior, actions, and key moments with “Proactive” messages (calendar) based on market trends, behavioral trends, and the newest solutions and help.

This microsite provides a streamlined center of excellence for all things marketing - from strategies to creative samples, all in one place and at your fingertips in order to enable flexible client conversations on your timeline.


Category: Enrollment and Onboarding

For newly hired and Tenured Unenrolled employees, we provide email and digital communications that highlight:

  • Benefits of enrolling in a Retirement Savings Plan
  • Suggested savings rate to meet goals
  • Tools, Resources, and Guidance to aid in the decision-making process

This end-to-end experience is created through two unique subcategories: Enrollment and Onboarding. By adopting all communications in this category, you will be able to provide your employees with a holistic experience.


Enrollment helps your employees understand the importance of enrolling in their workplace savings plan, the unique options they have within their plan, and how savings are the key to meeting their long-term goals. the benefits of long-term savings to meet their goals. 

A comprehensive suite of digital and email communications helps guide and simplify the enrollment process for your employees. 

Communication streams will vary based on the features you have enabled in your plan(s).

Topic: Enroll
Offers simple, need-based messaging to employees who are newly eligible to enroll in their workplace savings plan, and helps them to start making savings choices. 

Topic: Tenured Unenrolled
Through a series of educational and enrollment messages, the objective is to help tenured unenrolled employees—those eligible to enroll but have not done so in 90 days—learn how small changes can help improve their financial wellness by taking action.


This program welcomes and engages new plan employees through need-based messages and specific actions to start getting the most out of their workplace savings plan.

Topic: Post-Implementation
When a plan joins Fidelity from a prior recordkeeper, all enrolled employees are welcomed to Fidelity and offered communications to help them start setting up their account profile, preferences, and beneficiaries.

Topic: Post-Enrollment
Post-enrollment is designed to welcome newly enrolled employees and help them with account setup and preferences, review investing and savings approaches, as well as provide information on the help and resources available to them with their plan.


Category: Workplace Saving and Investing

Workplace savings and investing helps your employees understand the importance of saving and investing while providing them with the support they need to feel empowered about the decisions they make.


Employees have asked for help on both how and how much to save for retirement. These communications will help get them there.

Topic: Saving Strategies
Provides strategies, tips, and general rules of thumb for retirement savings.

Topic: Contribution Limits
Educates employees on retirement plan contribution limits (including catch-up) based on current tax year limits established by the IRS—including opportunities for employees over age 50 to make catch-up contributions to help boost their savings as they near retirement.


Determining the right investment mix is a key decision when saving for retirement. These communications will help educate your employees on the importance of proper asset allocation and diversification.

Educates employees on the basics of investing, how to properly allocate, and how to create an investment strategy to help them reach their financial goals.

SubCat_Quarterly Check-In

The Quarterly Check-In (QCI) provides participants with a personal assessment of their retirement savings progress and next steps, along with resources to help build their confidence managing everyday financial matters.

SubCat_Transition to Retirement_Blue

For pre-retirees and retirees alike, making the right decisions at the right time is essential to being ready—financially and emotionally—for retirement. These communications guide employees along their journey, helping them take confident steps in a more manageable way through retirement planning education and proactive help in making key decisions at critical moments.

Topic: Retirement Income
Helps guide employees to create an income plan that meets their needs as they transition to and live in retirement.

Topic: Social Security
Helps employees understand the basics of Social Security, considerations for when to start claiming benefits, and how to make the most of their Social Security benefits.

Topic: Required Minimum Distribution
Helps employees better understand RMDs, how they're taxed, and how much—or whether—they are required to withdraw.

Topic: Healthcare in Retirement
Provides employees with helpful considerations on how to create a plan that incorporates health care costs into retirement costs.


Loans are an important plan feature, yet for some, it can impact the ability to save for retirement. Designed to help minimize the impact of workplace savings loans, these annual touchpoints, and the loan payoff message help loan takers: review their full financial situation, self-select, and prioritize next steps to help reach future goals.

Topic: Workplace Loan Repayment Program
Communications that provide education and access to resources over the course of the repayment journey.


Category: Well Being

Well Being supports your employees as they navigate all aspects of their ever-evolving financial journey.

SubCat_Financial Wellness

These communications encourage employees to deepen their involvement with their financial health, particularly in the moments that matter.

Topic: Financial Wellness
Helps employees with their broader financial priorities within the context of their retirement plans.

Sample Communications

Topic: Tier 1 - Financial Wellness Checkup Recommendations
Responsive email communication is designed to empower employees to take action on the results of their personalized Financial Wellness Checkup. Given the outcome of an individual's checkup, the communications will be customized to speak to their unique needs and goals at that moment in time.

Tier 1: Financial Wellness Recommendation Trigger

Topic: Tier 2 - Financial Wellness Recommendation Trigger for the Less Engaged
This program helps employees take action on their most pressing financial needs. Given the information we have about each person, the communications will be customized to speak to their unique needs and goals. It will be triggered based on login.

Note: Anyone who has taken the Financial Wellness Checkup will be excluded from this email. Instead, they will receive the Tier 1 Financial Wellness Recommendation Trigger.

Tier 2: Financial Wellness Recommendation Trigger for the Less Engaged

Topic: Tier 3 - Financial Wellness Assessment
Encourages employees to stay involved with their finances in a fun and engaging way --that helps them see how they're doing, and how to build and improve their financial confidence.

Tier 3: Financial Wellness Checkup Trigger

SubCat_Life Events

Changes in life, both planned for and unexpected, often require important decisions. Our resources help employees reduce stress and confidently make informed decisions on complexities of their daily lives.

Topic: Life Events
Curated resources, tools, tips and third-party solutions that help employees navigate the moments that matter, holistically with financials + logistics + emotions.

Financial Wellness Life Events


The Learn Hub is a one-stop shop of our top tools and other resources to assist employees with answers to their most pressing questions—whether it’s dealing with a life change or reflecting on plans for their future.


Category: Separated Participants

This program delivers ongoing help to employees who have left their employer but still have money remaining in their account, so they feel confident about their options and are well-informed about the steps they can take.

SubCat_Recently Separated

Your recently separated employees are provided with the tools to help them make informed decisions and stay engaged with their retirement savings left with their former employer.

Recently Separated Trigger

Recently Separated Trigger - Advisor

SubCat_Ongoing Education

Ongoing Education to separated employees keeps them aware of their options and helps them reach their retirement goals.

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Category: Other Plan Benefits

Underpinning our four main categories is our product strategies, a suite of features and products—with accompanying communications—that help address additional employee needs.


Reengages participants who have previously used the Student Debt Tool by encouraging them to revisit the tool as a means of improving their overall financial wellness.

SubCat_Personalized Planning Advice_Blue

For clients that offer Personalized Planning & Advice as a plan benefit, consider leveraging these materials to educate employees about the service and drive awareness of the various ways to get investment help from Fidelity.

SubCat_Stock Plan Services

The Stock Plan Services communications and education program is designed to support the administration of your equity compensation benefit—while helping to drive higher levels of company loyalty, perceived value, and financial confidence among participants. Our goal is to help everyone get started, navigate plan events, and plan for their financial goals so they can make the most of their stock plan and the resources available through Fidelity.

SubCat_SHealth Savings Account_Blue

This campaign leverages simple, targeted messages can help engage and educate employees in their journey from awareness of HSA-eligible Health Plans & HSAs to using them to fit their immediate and long term health care needs.

Please note, participant resources are not applicable to individuals outside the U.S.
For plan sponsor and investment professional use only.

Keep in mind that investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time, and you may gain or lose money.

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